Our Story

Born from adversity SO fresh is the meal delivery arm of Salted Orange.

At the start of the 2020 covid-19 crisis pre lockdown our prime minister announced that all people over the age of 65 should enter self-isolation for 12 weeks.

Sam, Managing director and founder of Salted Orange grew up in a sheltered housing scheme of which his mother ran, understanding the need for the elderly the team quite literally threw a 12 week plan together to deal with the needs of the masses.

Wanting to ensure that anyone in need could afford it they immediately made it non-profit, 21 meals for £20 per person per week.

Over the course of the 12 weeks the team printed, negotiated, begged, borrowed and relied on the goodwill of people in the industry to help make it work.

At the peak we were serving 450 people per week, which doesn’t sound a lot however when you multiple that by 21 that’s 9,450 meals a week! – Katrina Renna Salted Orange

Seeing the need for this service to continue the team set about collecting feedback and information about what they have done and what they could do to make it still cost effective yet profitable in a new world, SO Fresh was born.

SO fresh is what it says it is, fresh affordable and most importantly tasty.

Designed for anyone, the idea is set up to be affordable, fresh and nutritious for all structured around a lunch and a dinner it takes the stress out of preparing and also knowing you’re having fresh healthy food.