Meal prep menu £6 per meal £25 for 5 days £45 for 10 days

Fresh and green

Chicken and avocado salad with pomegranate, spinach and toasted wild rice

Chilli beef and pickled onion iceberg tacos with cucumber and tomato salsa

Beetroot falafel with rocket and watercress, pickled carrot, cucumber and mixed seeds

Grains and pulses

Quinoa, feta, roasted butternut and asparagus

Mixed barley, chickpea, broad bean, goat’s cheese and red onion

Lentil, red pepper, pulled chicken, lemon and black pepper salad


Lean steak with broccoli, almonds, rice and roasted butternut squash

Turkey kebab with cucumber, tomato, wilted kale with flatbread and yoghurt riata

Soy and sesame glazed chicken breast with carrot, spinach and brown rice


Keto chicken and coconut curry with shredded broccoli and cauliflower rice

Keto taco with pulled chicken, avocado, chilli, onion and garlic

Beef meatballs with green beans, roasted onion and cumin rice


Salmon, avocado, cucumber, rocket and orange dressing

Prawn and broccoli egg linguine with chilli and garlic

Ratatouille with baked eggs

Caccatoire chicken

Dirty / naughty

Katsu chicken curry with brown rice and spinach

Spinach, ricotta and garlic linguine with parmesan

Chilli cheese fries with sweet potato chips

Chicken wings with franks hot sauce

Low calorie

Sweet potato, bacon and butternut soup

Vegetable lasagne with garlic

Roasted beetroot houmous with mixed seeds and pitta bread

Dessert / something sweet

Protein peanut butter and chocolate cookies

Brownies with raspberries and caramel

Yoghurt with berries, protein powder and granola